Dr Lloyd has retired

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Willow Tree has lost a major bough: Dr Rhiannon Lloyd has retired after 32 years of incredible service to the people of Kingsbury and the surrounding area.

She is a fantastic and hugely experienced doctor and has been a source of great knowledge and wisdom and a wonderful colleague and mentor to all levels of our team. We’ll all miss her energy, humour and advice. She has a razor sharp memory and we often refer to her rather than computer! Our surgery will not be the same and it will take time to adjust.

We know many of her patients will feel they have lost a friend as well as a source of great professional support. Many patients have traversed huge events in their lives with her care and others will be grateful for her timely and expert medical intervention.
If anyone wishes to send a message we’ll pass it on to her.
Meanwhile we wish her all the very best for a long, happy and fulfilling retirement and we’ll certainly be keeping in touch.