Mental Wellbeing

Modern life is stressful and challenging and we often lack the tools to bounce back from setbacks. If we lack support and suffer too any knocks it can lead to anxiety and depression, relationship or employment problems and some people, if they become desperate, may turn to drink or drugs. How do you avoid this downward spiral?

The first step is recognising the problem. Sometimes someone may post out to you that you have a problem or you are able to see and admit to yourself that things are going wrong and that changes are needed. Try this self-assessment questionnaire.

The NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing are a great starting point:

  1. Connect with others – relationships are so important, providing support and a feeling of belonging, sharing and validation
  2. Be physically active – this will make you feel good as your release all those lovely endorphins and raise your self-esteem
  3. Learn new skills – boost your confidence and self-esteem, connect with others
  4. Do something for others – helping others gives you a sense of usefulness and positive feedback
  5. Mindfulness – connect with and appreciate the moment. Every day brings about something good but we may ignore it by concentrating on the stress or negativity within our lives. Mindfulness can be simple and powerful and we should all be more mindful.

MIND , the mental health charity has more information on 5 steps to mental wellbeing.

The Mental Health Foundation has some excellent information about prevention of mental health conditions.


This can build up insidiously, is very common and be very damaging and can lead to anxiety and depression – read all the physical and mental signs and symptoms and the resources to help deal with it

The NHS has some useful mental wellbeing audio guides.

What is CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and how does it work?

Mental Health resources

The Samaritans

The Samaritans is an excellent free resource available 24/7 which offers someone to talk to on the phone Tel: 116 123 or email: or even face-to-face (lookup nearest branch)

Talking therapies

Talking therapies in Brent is a free service located just along the road from the surgery at Fairfield Crescent. It offers a variety of mental health interventions and you can refer yourself online from this link or Tel: 0208 206 3924. There will be an initial telephone assessment and then you will see a therapist who will construct a programme with you.

Brent Community Mental Health

Brent Community Mental Health service is run by CNWL and there is a single point of access you can use for any advice, especially in a crisis – Tel: 0800 0234 650

Good Thinking

Good Thinking is a collection of fantastic free web resources such as apps., podcasts, webinars, websites for mental health & wellbeing in London. It deals with anxiety, low mood, stress, sleep, depression, job problems, relaxation, bereavement, young people and much more

Catch It 

Catch It is an NHS approved App developed by Liverpool University based on CBT techniques to identify and deal with depression, anxiety and negative thinking

Be Mindful

Be Mindful is an online mindfullness course – the NHS approved App costs £30 but you can register free and see if it might be for you.

Brent Council

Brent Council has some links to local activities such as gardening clubs, reading groups, courses etc.

SOS Silence of Suicide

SOS Silence of Suicide A charity staffed by volunteers. Has a helpline 8am – midnight every day 0300 203 0505 and support via Zoom for anybody of any age requiring urgent support though a crisis when thoughts of self harm and suicide may be happening. Or for anyone affected by suicide.