Medical Records

We have used a computer for every consultation since 1987 and for many years have relied only on the computer and not paper for recording your medical information. We do retain your old paper records for historical reference.
Your computer record We are registered under the Data Protection Act 2018 and are GDPR Compliant.

Systems and services used:

  • Your medical records are held in EMIS Web, probably the most widely used GP system, which is a hosted on the secure HSCN network provided solely for the NHS and Social Care and protected to the highest standards.
  • All incoming paper correspondence is scanned into your record and the original shredded. Increasingly information is received electronically directly into your record, particularly all pathology test results, hospital discharge summaries, outpatient letters, out of hours contact and emergency care information, mental health and some social care information. It is processed and stored on Docman 10, a secure cloud based document management system.
  • We are linked electronically to NHS England for administrative and payment purposes.
  • GP practices are also connected to the National Data Spine where your registration details are held and the parts of your record uploaded to form a Summary Care Record (unless you opted out) – see below.
  • We send electronic referrals using eRS, the Electronic `Referral System, via the National Data Spine.
  • We use third party systems linked through the the secure HSCN network for SMS messages (AccuRxMJOG) and eConsults and Urgent Care Plans mainly for End of Life care and for frail patients (CoordinateMyCare) and Vantage Health for patient care advice & guidance from hospital specialists.
  • We use email service with is securely transmitted through the HSCN network and is safe for patient identifiable information.

We are ‘data controllers’ and it is our responsibility to protect your data to the highest standards and we have complex legislation and guidance to follow. If your data is passed on to other organisations acting as ‘data processors’ we must ensure they will handle your data to the same standards.