New Patients

Register with us

Check that you live within our practice catchment area.

We prefer to register whole families as it assists better medical care.

If you are currently homeless , or of no fixed abode, or cannot supply any identification for any reason, we can register you at the surgery address, so please don’t be afraid to tell our staff.

Register Online

Just use the QR Code or click on the yellow box. This takes you to our new secure Online Registration site.

The process takes 10-15min and is very easy. You don’t need any documents at this stage. The information is sent to the practice and we’ll send you confirmation once done, usually 48 working hours later.

Once you’re registered we’d like to meet you for a New Registration Health Check and if you are on long term medication or require monitoring for a long term condition you’ll need an appointment with a doctor or nurse to plan your care.


For online access to your records and our services you will also need to demonstrate photo ID – this is a security requirement and you can email it or do it when we see you later (Citizen ID will save this requirement in future). Access is best through the NHS App or Patient Access App (there are others, too).

We are a ‘Safe Surgery’, meaning we commit to taking steps to tackle the barriers faced by many people including migrants and homeless people in accessing healthcare. For registration we do not require ID or proof of address, immigration status or other official documents and can cater for many languages using our interpreting service or auto-translation (2-way) in the online Patchs system for which we can register you without photo ID.

Manual Registration Processes

If you prefer not to use the NHS Online system (we can’t think of a reason why not! – it’s quicker and simpler):
First, fill in your details on this website for the NHS registration and then provide us some information about yourself on our Practice Information Forms on this website.

  1. Please complete NHS registration here
  2. Then you fill in our Adult or Young Persons Practice Information forms (toggle to open), submit button at end of each form:

These Practice Information Forms include a) Health Questionnaire, b) Consent for receiving SMS Text Messages, c) Application for Online Services and d) Electronic Prescription Service).
If you scored 5 or more on the Audit-C above, it would be helpful for you to complete this more detailed Audit-10 questionnaire to see if you are drinking safely or need to cut down. Send it to us and we can discuss with you whether any tests or advice are needed to protect your health.

Here is an easy-read version. (which you can email to us at

If you prefer to use a fully paper-based registration manual process, please complete a GMS-1 registration form and then email it to the practice with all the other information on forms you can download and print: available here and a large print version. Anything incomplete will be returned.


In addition we need a copy of the Birth Certificate and immunisations record (copy of Red Book pages). If you cannot produce this information we shall register your child as a temporary resident until you provide it.


Also we are required to have proof of address. You need to provide the immunisation record.

Treatment for Visitors

If you have visitors who need urgent treatment we may be able to see them as “temporary residents”. Please ask at reception. If they are visiting from abroad, certain countries have reciprocal health agreements but visitors from other countries may have to pay for our services. You can check eligibility here.

Summary Care Record

The Summary Care Record is automatically created and contains some basic information including regular medication and allergies and adverse medication reactions. You can OPT OUT of sharing your Summary Care Record with other health professionals (however this is very useful eg. if you are incapacitated after an accident)

You can EXPRESS CONSENT FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION to be added, such as signifiant illnesses, vaccinations, personal care preferences and next of kin.

Click here more information and Opt In/ Out form to email to the practice

Essential personal health information is shared between healthcare professionals when giving you personal medical care. It is potentially dangerous to treat you without background information and this is why it is automatic. There are strict rules around this sharing (see our Medical Records page) and you will be asked if you are happy to share at the point of care.

However, you can OPT OUT of sharing your personal health data for research and planning (‘secondary use’) by completing this NHS web-form.

Organ donation is now automatic. If you do NOT wish to donate any organs or tissue after death, you will need to OPT-OUT.

You can fill this NHS form to opt out