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Prescriptions are computer generated. Our software will help us to know about any potential conflicts and interactions.

  • We send your prescriptions electronically by Electronic Prescriptions Service (‘ePS’ -see below) to your ‘nominated’ pharmacy. You do not have to collect a paper prescription – just go to the pharmacy to collect your medicines
  • Tell us where to send them – you can change any time and do this online yourself on the Patient app. (‘My account’) or at the pharmacy.

It is best to order your own medicines so that you receive what you need, when you need it and it is really easy, especially using the online App. Some patients leaving it to pharmacies to order for them have ended up with large stock-piles of medicines they did not need.

  • One-off or occasional medicines can be requested using PATCHS. We may need to speak to you or see you first.
  • Repeat Prescriptions are for medication used regularly – see below.
  • Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) can be used for some patients on regular medicines. We pre-authorise a number of months’ worth so the Pharmacist is able to give your medication on regularly without any further requests. This will not suit everyone and requires special consideration.

If you have trouble remembering to take your regular medicines you can ask the Pharmacist about Medication Dosing Aids such as multi-compartment ‘dosette’ boxes or sealed ‘Nomad’ dispensing trays that the Pharmacist can prepare individually. They will be automatically delivered every 2 weeks and have compartments labelled for each time you need to take medication, so it’s easier to see what you have taken and what is due. It can be a bit of problem if you need changes made before the next try is delivered.

More about EPS

Electronic Prescription Service (ePS)

We send your prescriptions direct to your chosen pharmacy instead of printing them out, so the pharmacy can get them ready for you without having to take the prescription along. All you have to do is ask the doctor, the receptionist or at the pharmacy. You can change your nominated pharmacy at any time.

It makes it easier and quicker to obtain your repeat prescriptions – just request them on-line (or in writing) and then collect the medicines from the pharmacy after 48hr business hours.

It is still important to see you from time to time to make sure all of your monitoring checks are up to date, so please take note of the messages we send that the pharmacist will pass on to you.

Electronic prescriptions is safer, save you time and saves the wasteful printing of coded paper prescriptions. It is estimated that if all prescriptions were produced electronically, an average practice would save a seven foot pile of prescriptions each year (and as we are larger we should save maybe a 20 foot pile). Stopping paper prescriptions would also prevent a lot of prescription fraud each year.

Download the EPS Patient Leaflet
You can find information about EPS here

More about Repeat Dispensing

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD)

This can suit some patients on long term stable medication, especially those who can find it difficult to request medicines. If we are happy a patient its stable and unlikely to need changes in their medication in the foreseeable future, we send a batch of prescriptions electronically to the Pharmacist for up to a year ahead and they can dispense the medicines on a regular basis without any further requests. This can suit housebound patients who have their regular medicines delivered but many other people can benefit too, so if you would like to consider it, speak to the Doctor or Pharmacist. There are, however, potential complexities with operating the system, particularly if you need changes made.

Repeat Prescriptions

Once you are stabilised on a medicine that you will need long term, we give a 2 month (56 day) supply at a time – except for certain potentially more dangerous drugs or conditions, or unless you are over 75yrs, when you will receive a one month (28 day) supply.

  • Request your repeat prescriptions online using the Patient App. , NHS app, or similar.
  • If you are unable to request online, we do still allow paper requests for a few patients – tick the items on the right hand side of your prescription computer slip provided by the Pharmacist and send it to us or hand in at reception. If you lose this slip, please ask at reception for a request form for your medicines.

Fax has been phased out of the NHS due to insecurities so we cannot accept faxed prescription requests.
Due to safety concerns we cannot accept telephone requests for repeat prescriptions.

Please wait at least 72 working hours for us to process your request and send to the pharmacy (extended due to pandemic workload).

Urgent requests – if you need for a repeat prescription due to unforeseen circumstances, please let the receptionist know. We can always issue a short term supply to keep you going. Tell us before 1pm and it will be available at 6:30pm and if after 1pm, usually the next day, unless it is a critical need.

Pharmacy ordering and delivery Many pharmacists offer an ordering and delivery service for you, even sending you reminders. We prefer you remain in control of your ordering as often we have found patients receiving many items they did not want. Make sure you tell the Pharmacist if you don’t need certain items – do not let them order automatically without checking what you need as it can lead to wastage.

Medication reviews are needed, usually every 6 or 12 months, occasionally more frequently and we shall ask you to make an appointment with the doctor or nurse. There are certain important checks we need to perform to ensure your medicines are still doing their job and are not causing any problems and that your condition is monitored. When the computer indicates a review is due, please do not delay as the computer blocks any further issues once you are overdue. If you have been unable to come in time, please NEVER stop your medicines; let us know the circumstances and we shall issue a prescription to keep you going.

Ask us to help synchronise your medicines so you can request them all in one go.

Certain medicines such as the Contraceptive Pill or HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) can be supplied in 6 month quantities for your convenience but to do this the nurse or doctor may need to see you.