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Contact your GP online

How to get help and advice

We operate a ‘Digital First’ system, in line with NHS policy. For all medical advice and help or for any administrative request, instead of booking an appointment, you send a Patchs request (in your words or even your own own language if you want – it can translate for us).

We view and respond to most medical queries on the same day if received before 5:00pm: after that we may respond the next day if non-urgent.

If unable to use internet services you can phone the surgery but you can also use your phone to speak your request to Patchs and it will write the text for you, saving waiting on the phone. When you need to phone, the receptionists will ask you some similar questions (though filling a Patchs request in your own words is better).

By having the information in advance, the doctor and staff can best meet your needs and prioritise urgent cases.

Information about Patchs

Consulting a Doctor

To request medical advice please fill in an PATCHS online form, which asks the sort of questions a GP would and helps direct you to the right source of help.

Many medical queries can be managed safely without needing a face-to-face appointment. Having the information in advance allows the GP to quickly assess the most appropriate way to help, saving time and often an unnecessary trip to the surgery. The GP may phone, send a message with advice, a prescription to the pharmacy, order tests or maybe a referral. Or a face to face appointment may be necessary.

We’ll reply by the end of the next 24hr working period at the latest, though usually much quicker on the same day (if you submit after 5pm it will be dealt with the following day). To cope with current high demand, PATCHS requests are currently not available at weekends or bank holidays.

If you cannot use online services, don’t worry – you can ring the reception:

  • Tel 0208 354 4654 call queueing in use and ‘Patient Callback’ which allows you to ring off, keep your place in the queue and be called when it’s your turn.

The receptionist will ask you some questions to help the GP prioritise and offer the most suitable help.

All face to face appointments are pre-booked following a PATCHS. If you turn up without an appointment it is unlikely we will be able to see you at that time, except in an emergency.

PATCHS gives access to oodles of valuable self help material. You don’t need to register for this service. PATCHS is ideal for administrative queries and requests as well as medical matters.

Appointment text reminders are sent – remember to update your contact details!

Tell the receptionist if you think your problem is urgent or if you are feeling bad and are having difficulties waiting.

Try to stick to the Doctor who knows you or your problem best. This is especially important if dealing with an on-going or recurrent problem and ensures you get the most efficient personal care. Please ask for your usual doctor.

Please cancel unwanted appointments so others can be offered them. We waste thousands of appointments each year due to people not cancelling. You can easily cancel online using Patient Access or replying to the text reminder we send.

Consulting a Nurse

Some routine Nurse appointments are booked online by Patient Access or by PATCHS or reception telephone.