Referral to Hospital

The decision to refer to a hospital doctor is made in discussion between you and your GP. it is important we send your medical details to any other doctor. Private referrals must also be discussed with your GP first. If you have medical insurance, the insurer may not cover your bills without a prior GP referral.

Though referral routes may be suggested to you, often to preferred locally-commissioned services, you will still have the right to choose your hospital, enshrined in the NHS Constitution.

We refer using the NHS E-Referral System (‘ERS’). Once you have been referred, a Unique Booking Reference Number (‘UBRN’) will be created and this, with an access code, will be printed and given to you so you will be able to track and manage your booking online.We shall either make the booking for you (which you can then change if needed) or if preferred, you can make your own appointment using these details on this site.

When you’ve been referred to a specialist, there are a number of things you should expect and here is a useful checklist to print out and take with you.